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The risk of patent litigation has never been higher.  Non-practicing entities (NPEs) continue to acquire and assert patents against operating companies of all sizes.  In 2013 alone, the cost to fight and settle NPE suits was nearly $13 billion.  The legal cost of a single infringement case can easily reach $1 million even before a trial begins.

To help counter this threat and more effectively manage the risk and cost of unexpected patent litigation, RPX Insurance Services (RPXIS) has launched a unique policy product that combines proactive intervention in the patent market with innovative insurance coverage.  RPXIS is a coverholder at Lloyd's, providing marketing, underwriting, and claims management services on behalf of a syndicate at Lloyd's.

With its unparalleled access to data on the patent market and patent infringement litigation, RPX can analyze and quantify a company’s NPE risk with a high degree of predictability.  This actuarial accuracy allows us to identify and preemptively clear dangerous patents and reduce the frequency of NPE assertions.  Our Panel Counsel program and Collaborative DefenseSM service provide our clients with world-class legal resources to fight any litigations that do occur.  As a result, we ensure that their financial exposure is limited, while ensuring that they mount the strongest possible response.  This unique combination of services is transforming how operating companies can insure against the unknowns of NPE assertion, and enabling our clients to transform those dangerous uncertainties into a manageable business risk. 

Other pages in this website offer more detailed explanation of the dynamics of the patent market problem and how the components of the RPXIS solution can reduce NPE risk.  To delve more into specifics of the insurance service offering and review a schedule of next steps and information needed to provide a policy quote, please request credentials using the form at the right of this page. 

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and discussing how RPXIS can help your company better manage the threat and expense of NPE litigation.

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