The August Rundown

Five Patent Risk Concepts You Need to Know

We understand. When it comes to the world of risk and insurance, “patent risk” probably isn’t top of mind for most of your clients and prospects. But, for many them, the likelihood of patent litigation is greater and the consequences more severe than most events covered by their required D&O policies.

So what do you need to know about patent risk before engaging with your clients?

Five concepts to keep in mind when discussing patent risk with any client or prospect: 

  1. Patent litigation is pervasive and costly
  2. Most companies are at risk
  3. The amount of patent litigation risk a company has depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which are revenue, sector, and litigation history
  4. Patent litigation risk is just like any other risk, and it is insurable
  5. RPX’s Patent Litigation Insurance will save your clients time and money

Eager for more? Our next five editions will explore in detail one of the above concepts.

Question of the Month

Why should my clients be interested in patent coverage?

Patent risk is unpredictable and expensive, and it is an insurable business risk like any other.

With the cost to resolve a single patent infringement suit ranging from tens of thousands to millions of unbudgeted dollars, patent insurance provides your clients with predictability—an affordable and expected annual premium and retention.

RPX is the only insurance provider that quantifies the likelihood and severity of your clients’ risk based on real actuarial data and patent expertise—closing their gap in coverage.