The January Rundown

The Risk Your Clients May Least Expect Is Insurable

Your clients don’t expect their offices to burn down or their servers to be hacked. They’re also not expecting to be sued for patent infringement. But it happens.

And when it does, it is time consuming, distracting, and expensive.

But it can be insured.

Comprehensive patent litigation insurance from RPX, including our Indemnification and Portfolio Protection offerings, help companies in all stages of growth cap exposure and decrease the total amount they spend. What’s more, policies are affordable. With premiums as low as $1,500, your clients will find cost-effective protection from this unpredictable risk.

Question of the Month

Do my clients really have patent litigation risk?

Yes. Any company that makes, sells, or even just uses technology is at risk of being sued for patent infringement. Patent risk is far more pervasive than most observers—even GCs and corporate risk managers—realize. Every year, thousands of companies—from start-ups to global enterprises—are accused of patent infringement, either directly or through shared liability with their customers, with resolutions costing potentially in the millions.

Patent troll risk is most prevalent.  Since 2010, more than 11,000 companies have been sued by patent trolls who acquire patents only to accuse other companies of infringement and generate payments. Annually, they sue some 2,500 companies, and roughly half are being sued for the first time. Most of these are smaller companies—with revenues of less than $100 million—that are least able to afford the disruption to their businesses and the associated costs.