The September Rundown

Patent Troll Litigation is Pervasive and Costly

Many of your clients don’t understand their vulnerability to patent infringement lawsuits. In fact, most of them are more at risk than they realize. Here is some background to prime you for client discussions.

  • Every year, more than 1,500 companies are sued by a patent troll for the first time.
  • Patent troll litigation is expensive to resolve. Cases can cost multiple millions, even for emerging growth companies.
  • The litigation is complex and time consuming—often taking as long as 18 months—costing not only money, but also company resources and executive time.


When you’re ready to engage about this gap in your client’s insurance protection, RPX will provide talking points and supporting data specific to your client’s risk.

Question of the Month

Why should my clients buy a policy from RPX Insurance Services versus the competitive patent insurance offerings?

The primary reason to choose RPX is that our insurance offering is more than risk transfer. RPX offers policyholders a variety of tools and resources to proactively manage their risk, and what’s more, as the largest and most successful provider of patent risk solutions, RPX is the only insurance provider that can help insureds avoid claims.

Insurance from RPX saves your clients time and money so that they can focus on running their businesses without the distraction of litigation. Companies insured through RPX can reduce their total time in litigation by half and total litigation costs per case by ~60%.